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Part 2 covers the period from 26 February 1942 through 26 October 1942. The 38th marks time until the arrival of the air echelon with intensive military training, being used as a labor battalion building up camp areas and installing infrastructure , the air echelon arrives  and Group moves up to the Darwin area for further training and then begins to stage to Horn Island and fly combat missions to New Guinea. The Group supported the battle for Buna-Gona and earned a DUC for a running battle with the Japanese convoys arriving at Lae. The first combat crew losses  occur .                                                                                                                                             Ballarat, Key Search Terms. Ballarat Burdum, 69th Squadron, 70th Squadron, 71st Squadron, 405th Squadron, Lt. Maggart, Lt Brandon, Lt Carey, Buna, Gona, convoys.